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Product code: 51.WAM-C

The Wambooka by Wambooka.

Introducing a new sound to music. New rhythms take life within a liquid core.
Revolutionary materials, Italian design and innovative manufacturing processes have resulted in the creation of an instrument with an extraordinary sound. The Wambooka is a brand new concept in musical percussion, which harnesses the properties of water movement in a one-piece solid body drum.
The Wambooka can be played dry like a normal Darbuka, or turned over the waterproof shell can be partially filled with water to open up a world of percussive possibilities.
There is ingenuity and outside-the-box thinking behind the Wambooka and it is seriously fun to explore the range of sounds and effects it brings to an already established hand drum tradition. This is the perfect drum for those who want to explore new ways of expressing themselves with rhythm.
The Wambooka has a stronger tension to play with water and the special head is harder than a normal drum. Whereas the normal tuning tension for a Djembe or standard Darbuka is 89.5 units, the Wambooka is slightly higher at 92.5.
Playing technique differs slightly also. To get maximum sonic output from the Wambooka, the player touches the head beneath the water line, and on the body the drum is played 10cm under the edge and at the level of the body line. Between the line and the elbow, you can play with your fist for additional sound effects.
•         Solid body transparent polycarbonate shell.
•         High-tension waterproof playing head.
•         Bolt-tuned.
•         Drum height 17¼”.
•         Head size 8½”.
•         Supplied with a waterproof neoprene bag.

Video demo: Wambooka UV Shuffle Test

Price: £225.00

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