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The Complete Drum Tutor has been a constant source of inspiration, for music teachers and drum students throughout the world for the past 30 years.

Lloyd Ryan is regarded as one of the U.K.'s most prolific drum educators with many of his students having gone on to achieve international success. In total, Lloyd's students have recorded 33 Top 10 U.K. singles and 32 Top 10 albums. These include:

- Phil Collins
- Derrick McKenzie (Jamiroquai)
- Graham Broad (Roger Waters, Tina Turner)
- Ralph Salmins (Robbie Williams, Van Morrison, Björk)
- John Coghlan (Status Quo)
- Nick Simms (Cornershop)

Discover Lloyd's proven method in The Complete Drum Tutor and perhaps one day you could be added to the growing list of successful drummers.

‘On behalf of the British drum community, you’ve influenced us, or you’ve taught someone who has influenced us. Your drumming DNA is floating around all over the UK.’
Ian Croft (iDrum Magazine)

'A classic, still going strong...Lloyd's book is one of the originals.'
'Lloyd Ryan has written one of the classic drum books, still selling and still a benchmark.’
- Rhythm Magazine

'The Complete Drum Tutor a piece of classic literature ... outstanding piece of work.'
'The content delivered within this book is exceptional. The lessons within will stay with you for a lifetime.'
'This is a classic drum tutor book that all teachers should have within their arsenal of resources.’
 - Music Teacher Magazine

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