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Product code: SVM02

The Low Whistle Book including CD by Steáfán Hannigan and David Ledsam.

The world’s best-selling tutor method for the traditional Tenor D Whistle – ‘The Low Whistle Book’ by Steáfán Hannigan and David Ledsam - has been given a facelift and has been re-launched by U.K. publishers SVM Publications.

The Low Whistle Book can be used by those who have never played the whistle before. The tutor section covers the basics and moves on to explain Irish decorations in detail.
Even if the standard-size tin whistle is already played, there are many parts of this book that are useful in terms of technique.
The tunes section contains many unusual pieces which have been researched and collected from many different sources, including the haunting ‘The Lonesome Boatman’ by Finbar Furey. These tunes highlight the characteristic sound of the Low Whistle and range in difficulty from easy to show-off!

Features ornamentation, low whistle history and plenty of fantastic tunes!
Includes companion CD featuring tracks 1 – 79 as published.

“The authors have a great deal of experience teaching and playing whistles, and it shows.”
- Review from ‘The Living Tradition’ magazine.

The Low Whistle Book including CD by Steáfán Hannigan and David Ledsam
Price £18.95
Paperback, fifth reprint
Product code: SVM02
ISBN: 0-9525305-1-1

Price: £18.95

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