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Product code: DCTRIHAT14E

TriHat Elements set, Bliss Bottom, Contact Top, Energy Top, comes with bag and extra clutch.

At Dream we generally think rules are made to be challenged so we put our heads together and set out to redefine the hi-hat.  We have set aside the need to conform to the traditional top hat or bottom hat designation and carefully selected 3 hi-hat cymbals that created the most dynamic mix of hi-hat sounds available.

Since any of the three can be a top or bottom, each pack creates 6 sound combinations. By adding an extra clutch, quick changes during a set are a piece of cake.

Each TriHat pack includes a Bliss, Contact and Energy hi-hat cymbal, an extra hi-hat clutch and a streamlined bag to carry it all in.

Price: £299.00

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