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Product code: CD-PR05-RE

CozyDrum Pro Rods - ROCKERS 15mm x 410mm, X7 Birch Dowel - Red (pair).

For a tight, solid sound. Great for all types of performance. Great balance and rebound.

  • DIA 15mm (0.590”)
  • Length 400mm (15.74”)
  • X7 Birch dowels
  • Unique bevelled end

CozyDrum Rods are professional, custom made rods that are individually made to order at the highest standard. Each pair is handmade with passion and skill to produce the perfect set in both weight and appearance.

The best wood is sourced using durable Bamboo and Birch dowels whilst developing new designs to keep up with today’s modern drummer.

Quality checks are carried out on every stick that is ordered to maintain very high customer satisfaction. Currently there are 6 sticking alternatives in the CozyDrum range.

Price: £13.99

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