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Product code: SK-SD1465TR-SBP


SHELL 3ply (Maple/Poplar/Maple)
LUGS 8 Aluminum Lugs
BEARING EDGE 60 degrees

Sakae Rhythm is a high quality drum manufacturer located in Osaka Japan. Most players will know the sound VERY well.

There are a number of key features which make the name Sakae synonymous with quality:

The shells are perfectly round and feature precisely cut bearing edges allowing for clear attack, great tone and a wide tuning range.

The rims come in two varieties. The MIGHTY HALO (standard on Concert snares) features an inward curved edge which controls harmonics and creates a powerful, focused sound. The RIGHTY HALO (standard on all other snares) features an outward flanged rim, allowing the harmonics of the drum to be fully expressed. The result is a wide open sound, great for any genre of music!

The Snare Strainer has a smooth operation and is easy to engage, whilst the wires have increased thickness and more strands giving a crisp, sharp response.

The Sakae Union Lug has the classic looks of a tube lug with more sophistication! The "tube" part of this lug is heavy and completely independent from contact with the drum. This ensures that "tube" part of the lug does not affect the vibration of the shell.

Price: £498.00

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