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Simeon Smith - MaSamba

Simeon Smith is an official endorser for Contemporânea.

Simeon is a native of Dublin, Ireland, but grew in the Western City of Galway. Simeon has been playing samba for 16 years, and is a founding member of MaSamba Samba School.

Over this period, he has received formal and informal training from many of the top practicioners in the field, and facilitated many top samba artists to visit and teach in Ireland.

In this time he has developed a huge musical repertoire, covering many of the popular styles of Afro-Brasilian music.

Simeon has taught for National Universtity of Ireland Galway, University of Limerick, and the Royal Irish Academy of Music, as well as being responsible for setting up over 20 samba bands in Ireland and the UK.

Simeon is Musical Director of MaSamba Samba School in Dublin and one of the only full time percussionists in Ireland. In recent years, he has played extensively throughout Ireland with over 100 performances a year under his belt.

In 2005, he performed on the world tour of world music pioneers Dead Can Dance.

In 2007 and 2008, Simeon played with the Rio-based group Monobloco on Tours of the UK and Ireland.

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