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Sam Alexander - Eri Okan

Sam is an official endorser of Contemporânea percussion in the UK.

Sam works with Umbela Arts which supports Maracatu Estrela do Norte, ERI OKAN, Ile Umbela, Mamulendas and MACO. Giving artists support, giving the community access to these artists and producing wicked music, dance, theatre and teaching. 

Sam became a Contemporânea endorsee in 2012, having worked with the instruments in the UK and Brazil for over 20 years. He has worked with SVM producing the most energising Maracatu start to the first London Drum Show back in 2007 at the Wembley Conference Centre.  Recently he has worked with Citröen to produce a groundbreaking advert, currently being aired across Europe and the far East.

As a teacher, leader and performer he has his feet firmly rooted in community music and education, and continues to create innovative and entertaining musical and artistic projects from his base in London, UK.

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