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Neil Ogden - Demon/Lawless/Dirty White Boyz

Neil Ogden is an official endorser of Dream Cymbals in the U.K.

Neil Ogden has a busy schedule in the Rock and Metal world. As well as touring, writing and recording with Rock Metal legends Demon (including performing at the 'Bang Your Head' and 'Sweden Rock' festivals), Neil finds time to be part of Lawless and Dirty White Boyz, on top of session work for rockers FM, Change Of Heart, Steve Overland and Persian Risk.

Neil starting playing drums at the age of 14 and then began touring at 16 around U.K. pubs and clubs, getting lots of recognition on the Midlands Rock scene.
He later joined the band USI featuring Steve Johnson (Phil Lynott) and Paul Johnson (Saxon), leading to sessions for Radio 1's Tommy Vance. The band were signed to Chrysalis Records.

Neil's Dream cymbals are taken mostly from the 'Energy' series.

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