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Aaron Graham - Misty Miller/Banfi/We Have Band

Aaron is an official endorser of Dream Cymbals in the U.K.

Aaron Graham currently plays and records for Misty Miller and Banfi, and has worked with We Have Band, Andreas Moe, Nizlopi/Luke Concannon, Simon Dobson and more.
Aaron started drumming at the age of 10 when his Mum got sick of him banging on every single surface he could get to sound like a breakbeat!
From then he started attending local jazz nights where regulars would get up and play. Aaron started playing in bands at school and quickly realised this was the only thing he wanted to do.
He studied music and performance throughout school, college, and university.
Whilst in university, Aaron had his first paid work on session for Sony RCA. From then he moved to London and started regular session work for various labels (Warner, Warner Chapel, Sony RCA, Transgressive).
Lots of the work was studio based. Whilst adapting his pallet to whatever project it was that he was working on, one thing in is setup was always a constant – Aaron’s Dream Cymbals. His 20 inch Bliss Vintage Crash Cymbal is on literally every recording he’s been on, be it as crash, ride or even as a simple swell.
“This is why I am super honoured to be part of the Dream family!” – Aaron Graham.

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